This September, ABC kicked off its new season and also welcomed some new board members. We are thrilled to announce Dr. Bon Ku, Jefferson University; Lisa Nelson Haynes, Philadelphia Young Playwrights; Helen Fox, Your Part-Time Controller; and Jessica Sheridan, Delta Phi Epsilon as our newest advisors. We are excited to not only learn from their expertise, but to engage these new board members in our programs.

Our Advisory Board is composed of ABC’s strongest supporters and, this year, many board members have already demonstrated that commitment. Board members like Will Toms, REC Philly; Alan Jacobson, J2 Design & Exit; and Christine Cox, Ballet X are presenting as faculty in our Digital Drawingboard program. Others like Kelly Colarelli, PECO, and Alicia Karr, Meyer Design, have experienced our leadership development programs firsthand and are now sending their staff through Creative Exchange, a program designed to boost creativity and innovation for regional executives and teams.

Applications for Creative Exchange are open through October 23, 2020; apply now or send a member of your staff through this invaluable opportunity to creatively confront and solve for today’s challenges.

Finally, our Advisory Board helps to make important programming happen. Last week, our Defining Innovation program featuring John Mackey, Co-Founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, would not have been possible without support and engagement from board members like Andy Sofish, CapTech, and Mark Samuels and Caryn Taylor Lucia of SEI.

In a blog post reflecting on the event, CapTech’s Suzie Turner, who spoke in the Defining Innovation Strategy Salon, conveyed why companies like CapTech are strong believers in the importance of cross-sector dialogues. During the discussion with Mackey on inclusion and corporate culture, Suzie remarked “Inclusion is core to our values. It’s a part of everything we do … It’s not only an employee issue. It’s how we serve our clients. It’s how we go to market. It’s how we engage with our community.”

As the year proceeds, we look forward to extending our network through the Advisory Board and will lean on their insights and expertise to chart our way forward in these unprecedented times.


Diana Lind
Executive Director
Arts + Business Council

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