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Upcoming CreativeXchange Workshop:

CreativeXchange consists of four experiential workshop sessions, each focusing on a different approach to a specific creative process. Participants will interact with some of Philadelphia’s top creative minds and investigate several techniques that our instructors use to cultivate a sense of innovation in their work. Our instructors will equip participants with the necessary skills and training to define and develop a repeatable creative methodology that can translate to the participant’s workplace. Click here to apply to join this year’s creative cohort in CreativeXchange.

Session 3 Description:

Constellational Creativity: Finding the Common Language with Peter Lloyd Jones, PhD, Executive Director, [email protected] + THE BEACON. Seemingly unrelated worlds collide in this hands-on session, led by educator, author and design scientist, Peter Lloyd Jones, PhD. Combining a Constellational Thinking approach with long-standing approaches to making, we will build on the lessons learned in the previous two sessions and zoom in on one of the most crucial, and often times overlooked steps to true innovation: developing a common language with a collaborator when no common language yet exists. The workshop will reveal, via hands-on participation, new and often unexplored routes to innovation between disparate fields, and one in which all players exist within an equally dynamic and reciprocal space that depends upon dissolution of existing cultural boundaries, giving rise to new modes of seeing, thinking and doing.

Dates + Location:

  • Session 1: Friday, October 14th | 8:00 am to 12:00 pm | String Theory Charter School, 1600 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Session 2: Friday, October 21st | 8:00 am to 12:00 pm | Curtis Institute of Music, 1616 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Session 3: Friday, October 28th | 8:00 am to 12:00 pm | BOK Building, 1901 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148
  • Session 4: Friday, November 4th | 8:00 am to 12:00 pm | Pig Iron Theater Company, 1417 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Program Fee:

$1,500 per participant.

Apply Now:

Click here to apply to join this year’s creative cohort in CreativeXchange.

Questions or info:

Tommy Butler
(215) 790-3827
[email protected]


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