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Cliff Kuang knows firsthand how design is transforming technology and our everyday lives. An award-winning journalist and user experience (UX) designer, Kuang previously served as Head of Digital Product for Fast Company. Before that, he founded Co.Design, a leading design publication where “business and design collide.”

Kuang’s newest work User Friendly reveals how over the centuries major social, historical, and political movements such as women’s rights, the Great Depression, and World War II have culminated in a digital era where empathy must be at the center of designing every product, service, and experience. Not only to build more profitable business models but to cultivate ideas that hit the mark and last in an age of digital disruption.

If understanding human behavior is at the core of your work, join us to hear Kuang uncover its critical importance to technology and digital transformation. Connect with leaders across business, technology, and the creative economy to discover how design continues to shape every aspect of our modern lives and the future of work.

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The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
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