Arts + Business Council Awards Nomination Form

For the past 38 years, the Arts + Business Council has hosted an annual awards ceremony to celebrate Arts + Business Council’s mission to foster collaboration and exchange between the creative and business communities for the social and economic benefit of the Greater Philadelphia region and increase support to enable the organization to expand its impact and reach. This upcoming year, Arts + Business Council will honor projects that demonstrate an impactful collaboration between the arts and business sectors. Arts organizations, businesses, artists, and other groups and individuals are eligible to nominate a project active on or after May.

Before beginning the submission, Arts + Business Council recommends gathering information and saving it in advance. An automated confirmation email should be sent immediately following submission. If not received, the submission did not go through. Please try another browser or contact Yair Farkas at [email protected] for technical assistance. The application cannot be saved midway.

The deadline to nominate is January 24, 2023.