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Thank you for your interest in recruiting new board members through the Arts + Business Council’s Business on Board leadership development program! The deadline to apply has been extended to January 15.

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    A $250 placement fee is invoiced to the organization once a Business on Board participant is elected into the organization’s board of directors. The Arts + Business Council recognizes this year has brought unparalleled change to the arts and culture sector and many organizations have been financially effected. Please contact [email protected] if your organization would like to participate but the fee poses a financial hardship.

    Participating organizations are expected to meet with prospective board members who are participating in the Business on Board program and answer questions they may have. Prospective board members should be invited to observe board-related meetings (in part or full) and be informed of other meetings and events that provide additional insight on the organization between January and May.

    The Arts + Business Council strives to make the best board matches. Several aspects determine the placement process and as a result, the matching process takes time and is not guaranteed. There is no obligation on the part of the host arts organization or participant to maintain a relationship at the completion of the Business on Board program.

    Please contact [email protected] for questions.
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