Section 1: Individual Leadership

Reimagine your defining qualities, challenge imposter and survivor syndrome, and apply new approaches to project management.

Session 2: Holistic Leadership

Explore the effects balanced approaches can have on yourself and your organization or business. Build resiliency, embrace change, and support emotional work through individual and collective wellness.

Session 3: Implicit Bias

Discover how perceptions and assumptions impact day-to-day interactions, projects, and decisions. Learn tools and practices to anticipate bias and promote inclusive thinking individually and among teams.

Session 4: Take the Lead

Practice inclusive accountability, conflict management, and decision making when (not) in power. Explore the differences between mentorship, coaching, and management.

Session 5: Virtual Reality

Feel connected with what you do and continue to build community with others, remotely. Lead in a crisis by balancing damage control with longer term strategy.

Session 6: Lead the Way Forward

Dare to dream – find the inspiration and vision to creatively and positively effect change. Dig deeper into topics from the program with different specialists.

This year’s Designing Leadership program will be virtual and held via Zoom. Sessions will include a mix of individual and group workshops, presentations, and panels. Due to the interactive nature of the program, participants are expected to attend each session in full.


“A healthy cultural sector means a health and vibrant city. This program is unmatched in any city in which I have lived and worked. The curriculum is carefully crafted to make our cultural leaders stronger, which makes our cultural institutions stronger which, of course, strengthens the fabric of our great city.”

Crystal Brewe, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Kimmel Center for Performing Arts

“No path to leadership is easy, and that is especially true for designers. Yet these skills are no less vital to individual and corporate growth. Put design to work for your company. Advocate for the leadership development of your in-house team an you will undoubtedly see the return on your investment.”

Christine Sheller, President, AIGA Philadelphia and Vice President, Design, FS Investments

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