Application for Technology Connectors Assistance

Thank you for your interest in ABC’s capacity building services through Technology Connectors, joining more than 260 arts and culture organizations working with us to engage untapped networks of support for your staff, board and community. Please complete the adjacent form, which is designed to help us understand your organizational goals and specific project-based needs.

Once completed, a member of our program staff will reach out to schedule an interview. In the meantime, we want to thank you for choosing ABC as the place to work collaboratively with the business sector, and we invite you to explore our other Volunteer Services, which engage the legal and business community to support a thriving arts and culture sector.

Arts and culture organizations pay an administrative fee to the Arts and Business Council when a volunteer is placed. Please note that the fee to participate in this program is paid when a volunteer begins to work with your organization. The fee is:

  • $200 for organizations with operating budgets under $250K
  • $300 for organizations with operating budgets $250K to $500K
  • $500 for organizations with operating budgets $500K to $1M
  • $750 for organizations with operating budgets $1M to $5M
  • $1,250 for organizations with operating budgets over $5M


Contact Tommy Butler at (215) 790-3827 or [email protected]


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Organization Contact Information

Executive Director Contact Information

Organization Overview

Technology Project Needs

What are your top 3-5 business goals?

Examples may include:
a. Improved business intelligence so that we can better identify the profiles of our audience, donors and fundraising efforts,
b. Provide online ticket sales
c. Improve community outreach
d. Understand the effectiveness of current advertising and marketing efforts and identify web-enabled marketing approaches.

Check if you have in the past or are you currently working with other technical assistance groups.

Check if your Board of Directors is aware that you are applying to Technology Connectors for assistance *

Types of Assistance

Technical Readiness — Technology infrastructure assessment and planning

Strategic Technology Planning — Prerequisite: Completion of Technical Readiness or existing stable, current infrastructure

Implementation — Planning/execution oversight of a specific technology-driven project. Prerequisite: Complete Strategic Technology Plan or similar initiative

Staff Contact & Commitment

An average of two Technology Connectors professionals will be working with you to develop a technology plan. We suggest that you dedicate a minimum of two staff people to work with our technology professionals and also consider a key board member who can champion the plan at the board level.

Please identify the key people, names and titles within your organization that can commit to working on this project:

The Project Leader will commit 5-10 hours per month working with your key people on this project.

Will you commit to spend the equivalent amount of time to work with the Project Leader and other Technology Connectors professionals as needed to complete project tasks and meet deadlines? *

I understand my organization will be invoiced for the applicable above stated project fees when our Technology Connectors project begins. *