What does the beginning of the end of a pandemic look like? It looks less like fear and more like confidence. Less loneliness and more togetherness. Less decline, more growth. Whether it is the forward-looking announcements, like the Kimmel Center committing to a fall re-opening, or articles about how companies are scrapping their plans to downsize their offices, I am seeing these signs pop up everywhere like the daffodils sprouting up from the ground. As part of the Ready.Set.Philly! task force, I am working with many local leaders to help send that message that we’re nearly ready to reopen.

But as exciting as the prospect of this summer is, it’s been a harrowing time. And undoubtedly many of us would not still be standing without partnerships forged during the pandemic. This week we celebrate one of these arts and business partnerships between World Cafe Live and Meridian Bank. Ever since the PPP loan period, many small businesses are recognizing how a good relationship with a bank is critical to their success. As we enter this new phase, I hope we retain this spirit of collaboration that helped so many small businesses and organizations make it through these tough years.


Diana Lind
Executive Director
Arts + Business Council

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