COVID-19 has pushed us to remain relevant when what’s smart, innovative, and meaningful is in flux. To stay top of mind in the creative and business communities, we are continually adjusting our programming — which includes reinventing current offerings and forming new additions.

We’re proud that, with support from the Knight Foundation, we are able to extend our Digital Drawingboard program with four extra workshops this spring. The workshops are free, and you can register for one or all of them.  Our first workshop is all about making and selling NFTs and what they mean for the art community. Please join in this important dialogue about one of the biggest new trends in tech and creative communities.

We’ve also adjusted our Designing Leadership program to have an annual theme. This year’s theme is Authenticity. Could it be more timely? Many of us are leaning into our authentic selves at work — while many others are eager to figure out how to do that and make their work more meaningful. Join us for this multi-session virtual program and an unparalleled deep dive into your own leadership capacity.

Finally, we are thrilled to host Chip Heath, author of Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers. This book is all about marshaling stats to make them more approachable, emotive, and meaningful. Think of how people struggled to imagine six feet when COVID-19 started — but described as a surfboard, people started to get the idea. How much is a three-ounce portion? A deck of cards. How much is a billion? Well, if it’s one billion seconds, it’s 32 years. Join us (in-person, yes!) to learn the power of framing numbers so everyone can understand them.

Diana Lind
Executive Director
Arts + Business Council

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