This spring marks the 34th Annual Arts + Business Council Awards Celebration, an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on the leaders,  volunteers, artists, organizations, and partnerships that are doing groundbreaking work to support the creative economy.


Creative Economy Award for Distinction in a For-Profit Creative Field 2019 Honoree




We’re proud to announce REC Philly as the 2019 recipient of the Creative Economy Award for Distinction in a For-Profit Creative Field. The award recognizes a successful creative economy business in the areas of growth, community, and innovation.

About REC Philly

REC Philly, an equitable ecosystem for creative talent, is on a mission to provide the resources, strategies, and opportunities for growth to our local creative economy. One part creative incubator, one part creative agency, REC has designed and developed a scalable model for local artists & makers to build sustainable careers in their hometown.

With a community roster of over 700 individuals,  60+ REC Philly Members have grown from part-time creators to full-time creators through the REC Philly Membership Program, the main product of the organization.

The Membership Program (which Forbes calls “a WeWork for Artists”) provides space, educational programming and community infrastructure for local creative entrepreneurs — audio creators, visual artists, experience creators, and more — to build, sustain, and scale their businesses in the Philadelphia region.

REC catalyzes paid collaboration amongst its community members to drive its full service creative agency which works with large & small businesses to solve their business challenges through creativity. To date, this two part model has enabled REC to drive over $1,500,000 directly into the pockets of Philadelphia-based freelancers and creative entrepreneurs.

The Membership Program is currently based in REC Philly’s primary location, The REC Room, a 7-room creative facility in North Philadelphia.

This “gym membership for artists” offers recording studios, visual labs, co-working/event space, office and production rooms, and more.

Recently, REC Philly announced the expansion of The REC Room, growing from their sole North Philadelphia location to now include a 10,000 square-foot location in Center City. This will expand REC’s Membership Program capacity from serving a few hundred active creators to a few thousand.

With the growth of this innovative model and the grand opening of its flagship creative facility, REC seeks to ensure that arts, culture, & creative entrepreneurship are embedded in the heart of the city, both figuratively and literally, for generations to come.

34th Annual Awards Celebration

Together with over 500 business, legal, technology, and creative professionals, we’ll be gathering to honor and celebrate these exceptional individuals and organizations who drive change and innovation in our communities.

May 29, 2019 | 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. | Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts