This spring marks the 34th Annual Arts + Business Council Awards Celebration, an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on the leaders,  volunteers, artists, organizations, and partnerships that are doing groundbreaking work to support the creative economy.

Alicia Karr and the team at Meyer

Executive Vice President and CFO, Meyer

We’re proud to announce Alicia Karr and the team at Meyer as the 2019 recipients of the inaugural CreativeXchange Alumni Award. CreativeXchange is a design-thinking and innovation program co-designed and co-led by Capgemini, and sponsored by SEI and Capgemini. The award is intended to recognize individuals who have completed the CreativeXchange curriculum, who are successfully advancing the power of design thinking to innovate at work.


Meyer Design, an architecture and interior design firm, eclipses over 70 architects, designers, and branding, visualization, and business professionals, all committed to providing exciting, operation-supportive designs for its extensive community of clients using creative practices. Meyer Design attended CreativeXchange to reach a primary goal: study its design process to find ways to infuse creativity, elevate design, and enhance business. In order to dig deep, Meyer selected three executive-level leaders from different facets of its business to attend CreativeXchange: Alicia Karr, Executive Vice President and CFO, who represented the finance and business sector; Debra Breslow, Principal and Creative Director, who represented the interior design sector; and Mike Stanczak, Principal and Director of Operations, who represented the architecture and business operations functions.

Some of the main skills Karr, Breslow, and Stanczak gained during their time spent at CreativeXchange were ones that have helped their colleagues, clients, and team members feel more engaged: active listening, eye contact, and non-verbal clues, all of which have helped with project and personnel challenges. As Principals, they see themselves as needing to have the “answer,” and are quick to want to set things in motion to solve problems. They have worked to balance their participation in meetings by observing and taking a bit of time to see how other’s ideas reveal themselves, blossom, and organically happen.

Earlier this year, Meyer Design created a campaign titled Ignite The Meyer Spark, a year-long project that entails events that will help the strategic and creative minds at Meyer “work differently and design differently.” With a mantra of “Collisions Happen, Sparks Fly and Ideas Emerge,” Meyer Design’s campaign will focus on scheduling guest speakers, inspirational sessions, and hands-on activities focused on different industries and sectors to engage new and different ways of thinking. The program was launched January 7, 2019.

34th Annual Awards Celebration

Together with over 500 business, legal, technology, and creative professionals, we’ll be gathering to honor and celebrate these exceptional individuals and organizations who drive change and innovation in our communities.

May 29, 2019 | 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. | Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts