This spring marks the 34th Annual Arts + Business Council Awards Celebration, an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on the leaders,  volunteers, artists, organizations, and partnerships that are doing groundbreaking work to support the creative economy.

Jennifer Pouchot

Vice President, Digital & Creative, SEI

We’re proud to announce Jennifer Pouchot as the 2019 recipient of the Business on Board Alumni Award. Arts + Business Council Business On Board award winners are nominated by the arts clients they serve for outstanding service as a volunteer board leader. Business On Board trains business professionals to be effective nonprofit board members and then places them on boards of arts and cultural organizations. Business On Board also coaches arts managers and their boards on effectively recruiting, engaging, and retaining board members.


Jennifer Pouchot is the Vice President of Digital & Creative at SEI, a financial services company. Jennifer has dedicated an exceptional amount of time and energy serving as the Secretary of the Board of Directors at the Painted Bride Art Center, an artist-centered non-profit that brings together artists, audiences, and communities to push the boundaries of how we create and experience art. Laurel Raczka, the Executive Director of the Painted Bride, nominated Jennifer for this honor. She commends her “creative energy, new ideas, enthusiasm, and corporate resources,” which have allowed many of the Painted Bride’s projects to come to fruition.

As Chair of the Painted Bride’s annual fundraiser, Dance With the Bride, Jennifer enlisted her creative team at SEI to design logos and print invitations, as well as to produce the event’s photography and videos. Raczka praises Jennifer’s willingness to participate in all aspects of the event with “creative strength and enthusiasm.” With Jennifer’s help, the Painted Bride was able to raise $50,000 during the Dance With the Bride event to support their mission; Jennifer sponsored the event herself and also secured a sponsorship from SEI.

Jennifer has also made a number of successful efforts to connect SEI and the Painted Bride. She has hosted the Painted Bride’s staff and board for full tours of SEI’s art collection. She invited the Painted Bride’s staff to SEI’s cultural community day, where the Bride and SEI were able to meet with one another and connect. And whenever possible, she reaches out to SEI’s partners and networks to find natural areas of connection for the Painted Bride.

Arts + Business Council Program Lead Tommy Butler, Manager, Operations + Creative Programing, adds to Raczka’s praise: “Jennifer has been instrumental in the Painted Bride’s transition away from their traditional arts center approach, to a nimbler, project focused organization … The transition isn’t complete, but if the Bride thrives in the future, and is able to establish financial stability and maintain their impact, it will be in large part because of Jennifer’s work with and support of the Bride.”

34th Annual Awards Celebration

Together with over 500 business, legal, technology, and creative professionals, we’ll be gathering to honor and celebrate these exceptional individuals and organizations who drive change and innovation in our communities.

May 29, 2019 | 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. | Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts