We haven’t made a big fuss about it, but this is the Arts + Business Council’s 40th year in existence. The organization has changed its programs many times over the years, but one constant has been our Business on Board program. Business on Board exemplifies the council’s mission to foster relationships between business leaders and arts nonprofits.

After people participate in Business on Board, they often ask – How can I take my board service to the next level? This year we are offering an answer with a new program: Business on Board Intensive. The program is specifically geared toward those business leaders and nonprofit leaders who are seeking opportunities to build their relationships, collaboratively solve problems, and ultimately strengthen the organizations which they serve.

Business on Board Intensive is the only program we know of that pairs board and staff together for a leadership development experience. Think of it like a guided retreat for a pair of your organization’s most important members. Over the course of a month, we expect to see participants bring their challenges to the program and solve them collectively as they discuss how to navigate issues like leadership, power dynamics, fundraising, and more.

Learn more about this exciting new program here.


Diana Lind
Executive Director
Arts + Business Council

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